The town of Rissani and Merzouga Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes

June 20, 2019  •  2 Comments

After photographing the sunrise in the dunes we drove to the town of Rissani to see the Sunday market.  You can see Rissani in the middle of the map about two thirds to the right.  

Rosa and I climbed the dunes early in the morning to check out the sunrise.  

Rosa climbing a dune in the early morning as the skies brightened up.  

Rosa pointed out this design in the sand- some kind of insect/critter at work?

Heading back to the hotel we saw the camels getting ready to start their day giving rides.  


After breakfast we drove to Rissani to visit the Sunday market which is a very colorful and authentic rural market.  We saw traders, nomads, Berbers and Arabic desert dwellers who come in to sell all kinds of clothing, wares, plants, spices, vegetables and animals.

A friendly merchant.  

The fruits and vegetables looked great.

You could find just about everything in this market.  It was fun to watch the people and see all of the different items for sale.

This gentleman was a real character.  Some of the members in our group bought some spices from him so he was happy to let us photograph.

Many of the shopkeepers were fine with us photographing them.   The bread in Morocco is fabulous and was served at every meal.

The friendly merchant  with his donkey.  Most of the sellers brought their donkeys to the market.

Rissani has a famous "donkey parking place".  


For lunch we stopped off and had a delicious pizza.  I can't remember exactly what was in this Moroccan pizza (cheese, eggs, veggies?)  but it was very different.  I had pizza several times in Morocco and it was some of the best pizza I've ever had.

Pizza followed by desert.  The food in Morocco was excellent.


Carol Omaggio(non-registered)
I loved the picture of the dunes and the stream of light from the sky. The market was amazing!! Since they live by the desert where do they grow all these vegetables and fruits?? What a wonderful selection.
I love all the colours in the market photos, also the people make it even more interesting. The dunes at sunrise are beautiful. Great group of photos Marsha.
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