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The food in Morocco was delicious.  Sometime Rosa would order for us as a group and other times we had buffets in the restaurants  or  we ordered individually. I don't remember all of the different foods we ate but I do remember that there were black and green olives and  bread at every meal.       When I remembered, and/or people reminded me, I would take some photos of the  meals with my phone so I am including some of the photos directly from the phone.  I cannot remember what all of the different foods were but I found that the food was diverse and very vibrant in color and flavor.  I didn't take a photo but mint tea is very popular and was served to us all the time.  It is a green tea base with lots of mint leaves and sugar ( a lot of sugar).  

The  fruit was delicious.  I hadn't had pomegranates in years.

I should have taken notes at the meals because I cannot remember what some of the dishes and desserts were.

Morocco's national dish is tangine  and it became one of my favorite Moroccan dishes.  Tagine is a clay cooking pot with a conical top as shown above.  Tagine is the dish that is cooked in the pot- the ingredients can be beef, lamb, chicken, veggies etc. and I think we tried them all.  This is a slow cooking method which makes resulting dish very tender and flavorful.

Shish kebab, also known as brochettes are also very popular.  The chicken, lamb or beef kebabs are rubbed in salt and spices, then grilled over a charcoal fire.  They were delicious.  

We had lots of vegetables at all of the meals.

Salads in Morocco were made up of vegetables, either raw or cooked, hot or cold, flavored with different herbs and spices and served with a main course such as tagine or couscous.  Sometimes hard boiled eggs and potatoes were added.

The oranges were so sweet. The apples with cinnamon on top were also excellent.

Moroccan pizza.  We stopped in a village for lunch and had a delicious pizza which is very different than your normal pizza.  I can't remember what ingredients were inside but I'm thinking cheese and eggs.  By the way I also had regular, thin crust pizza a few other times and I have to say the pizza was the best I've ever tasted (better than Italian pizza). 

We celebrated Pauls' birthday one night when we were staying in a desert camp.  We didn't have a traditional birthday cake but this was just as good!

A vegetable tagine.  

These were the best french fries ever!  We ended up coming back to this restaurant two days in a row and ordered the same thing since the food was so good.  I could have just eaten the  french fries for lunch- actually that is probably what I did do along with bread and olives.   


I'm thinking that on top of this dish were date truffles- a delicious blend of dates, nuts and cocoa powder but I'm not 100% sure.  

That gives you an idea of some of the food we ate.  I am hoping to return to Morocco one day and join Rosa on another one of her trips to see some different areas and perhaps some of the same places.


Seeing these great food shots reminded me of the special dishes we tried on our Moroccan trip . We took our just graduated college daughter with us for two seeks in Spain and then ten days in Morocco. We all enjoyed every minute of the trip. Our driver and guide took good care of us..especially in the night markets fo Fez and Marrakesh that he advised us not to go too...but we do night markets all over the world. Since we insisted he kept right beside us the for the entire evening. Afterwards I could see he was probably right to keep a close eye on us two blonds wandering around in markets where no local women would ever be seen!
Wow! I just finished an excellent large toasted Western Omelette sandwich for breakfast and now I'm hungry again.
An excellent blog, Marsha, thoroughly enjoyed every chapter.
All the dishes look so good. I love tagine. Great photos of all the dishes. Thanks for making me hungry:)
These all look so wonderful. The black olives seem to be huge. I can see that the group ate in really nice restaurants. Yum! These are pretty good pictures, Marsha.
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