Chania and Selton Litania Beach

October 07, 2020  •  9 Comments

After leaving the market, we walked to the harbour.

For a busy harbour, the water was so clear.

There were lots of vendors selling all kinds of goods.

Its always hard to resist taking laundry shots.  This is probably the first time I saw laundry hanging out to dry on a boat.

The building on the left of the lighthouse is the Forks Fortress, built by the Venetians in order to protect the harbour.  

You can see the mountains in the background -it looks like they have snow on them.  

What a great place to go sailing.

A great place to fish.

In the afternoon, we drove to Seitan Limania Beach in Akrotiri which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

The beach was nestled in a canyon leading out to the sea.   Between the two cliffs was a beautiful white sandy beach leading out into turquoise waters that turned into deep blue as the waters join the sea.   We had driven only 22 km away from Chania to find this gorgeous beach.  

We didn't actually hike down to the beach- the trail down looked very rocky and steep.  We left this beach and went to Stavos Beach where Jane and Laurie went swimming before we returned to Chania.  Stavos Beach was easily accessible from the parking lot.  While they were swimming I relaxed on a lawn chair and watched the people. 


Gwendolyn Rattle(non-registered)
I am so impressed by the sharpness and vividness of colour in every photo. The hot climate did not have humidity to contend with for the expected haziness, which we get in the northern hemisphere. Hurrah for the proximity to the Equator!
Thank you.
Lovely photos, Marsha. My husband and I also drove to Seitan Limania Beach and "started" down the path. However, we didn't get too far because the pitch was so steep and the ground loose, it made me feel as if I would fall off. Crazy. Good shot of adrenaline :)
Gretchen Taylor(non-registered)
Oh boy, Marsha....needed to see these beautiful photos! You totally captured the beauty and flavor of Chania. Exquisite beaches and scenery...the street scenes are always my favorite. Thank you very much...your timing couldn't have been better!
Julie Lewis(non-registered)
beautiful pictures, brings back a lot of memories and captures what I remember.

Espectacular y de gran calidad como siempre. Gracias por el "regalo del viaje"

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