La Cusinga Eco Lodge and Rainforest

May 28, 2012  •  2 Comments

Another early morning where we walked down to the river to take some pictures before breakfast.  After that we spent a good part of the day at the La Cusinga Eco Lodge and Rainforest on the Pacific Coast.  We had a gorgeous day and a fabulous buffet lunch overlooking the rainforest where we could hear (but not see)  the  Howler monkeys.   We also saw some terrific seascape scenes.


This was a river shot taken first thing in the morning.  I liked the foliage colours and the reflection.


This photo was taken from a large terrace at the La Cusinga Eco Lodge.  What a terrific view of the Pacific Ocean.


The boats appeared for us in order to make the photos more interesting.  


This was a different view of the gardens and ocean taken from the other side of the terrace.


I walked around the gardens looking at the different ocean/garden views.


Another view- I loved the old stonework.  


  I liked the bright red flowers on the hill.


Erick, our nature guide  was showing us the usefulness of leaves  on our after lunch hike through the rain forest.  


Meet Yehudi, our serious photographer explaining some nature to us.


Ok-he wasn't serious all the time.  

We saw this sign after returning safely from our hike.  


This person saw the sign before the hike and decided to have a siesta on the terrace  instead!


Meet a Howler Monkey .   On the way back to our hotel these monkeys were spotted on the side of the road.    The monkeys were way up in the tree so this is a heavily cropped photograph.  I only spotted where he was with the help of some of the photographers!




Not the best monkey pictures but I was just so excited to see them in the trees.  


We stopped at the larger public beach near the hotel for a walk.  I liked this piece of driftwood that I came across.


We ended up going back to the same spot as the previous night for our sunset pictures.  It was a much more interesting beach that the large public beach that we had visited earlier.


A friend suggested that I post some sunsets in black and white.


This shot was a ten second exposure.


This shot was a two minute exposure so you can imagine just how much darker it was when it was taken.  Once again I was the last person in the bus.
















wendy Sanborne(non-registered)
Once again, Marsha, your pictures are excellent and varied--giving us the beauty of the area as well as a little "slice of life". Monkeys came out good considering the heavy cropping--couldn't tell till you told us.
The first shot is particularly lovely with the vertical lines in the reflection providing interest. The lodge owners are conservative and/or have a sense of humour: that sign is hilarious. Stingrays? I'm dashing down that path!
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